June Cranberry Update

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hi Folks,

After a long cool spring, it looks as though things might finally be happening on the bog! I've seen lots of blossoms at the hook stage and the first stage of bloom has begun!! Reminder from my last bog post... if you are looking at a bloom time flood to abort the crop this year, you should wait until the majority of the flowers have opened (80% bloom)and hold the flood for 2-4 days on new plantings, and 4-7 days on established beds.

If you haven't started sweeping for insects yet, now's the time to start. I am hearing reports of BlackHeaded Fireworm larvae (the threshold is 2 per 25 sweeps), false armyworm and spanworm. Remember to avoid spraying near bloom if possible and if you do need to, try to do so when bees are NOT actively foraging - ie. at dusk! There has been a lot of talk about Neonicotinoid insecticides and toxicity to bees lately, for this reason we are only recommending the use of these products POST Bloom after honey bees have been removed - never apply pre bloom or during bloom!

The latest version of our Cranberry Pest Management Guide is on our website. Click Here! Remember to always read your product labels carefully!

And finally... if you have not joined our facebook group yet... please do! You can find us by typing Nova Scotia Cranberry Growers in the search engine on facebook, click the button that says 'ask to join group'! We would be happy to have any of our atlantic cranberry growers join our group and share information!